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Founded in 1992, Reed Tech, Inc. uses state-of-the art equipment to resolve your underground utility and geophysical locating needs.  Our highly-trained and qualified personnel serve a diverse base of customers and are committed to excellence and reliability in locating and marking underground facilities.

Our services include locating and delineating:

  • Utility lines
  • Pipes (metallic and nonmetallic)
  • Metallic and nonmetallic objects in concrete structures
  • Underground storage tanks (metallic and nonmetallic)
  • Previously excavated and backfilled areas
  • Subsurface voids and cavities
  • Pits and trenches containing metallic and nonmetallic debris
  • Leach fields
  • Landfill boundaries

The underground utilities we locate include:






    Gas, Oil, Steam




    Communications (telephone, fiber optic, and cable TV)









We use a variety of geophysical equipment and methodologies to map the subsurface in real-time. Reed Tech provides geophysical services using the following methods:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Electromagnetic Induction (EM)
  • Electrical Resistivity
  • CX Concrete Imaging System
  • Subsurface Interface Radar (SIR)

Not only are we focused on providing high-quality locating services that meet legal and regulatory requirements, but we are also dedicated to damage prevention to protect your underground facilities.

We have developed a reputation for providing excellent quality work at a very reasonable price. Located in Columbia, South Carolina, we operate primarily in the southeastern U.S.  However, we have shown that we can be cost competitive even with other geophysical firms that may be located much closer to your site.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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