Reed Tech

Founded in 1992, Reed Tech uses state-of-the art equipment to resolve your underground utility and geophysical locating needs. We focus on providing high-quality locating services that meet legal and regulatory requirements. We are dedicated to damage prevention to protect your underground facilities.

Our highly-trained and qualified experts have developed a reputation for providing excellent quality work for a diverse base of customers. Located in Columbia, South Carolina, we operate in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. We have shown that we can be cost competitive even with other geophysical firms that may be located much closer to your site.

At Reed Tech, our technicians are highly knowledgeable when it comes to utility and geophysical locating. We’ve served thousands of satisfied clients throughout the Southeastern U.S.

Whether you need to find a gas line, internet cable, or other underground facilities, Reed Tech has you covered. Choose a family-owned and operated business with over 31 years of industry experience.

Contact us to discuss your project-specific subsurface needs, what to expect, and pricing.

“The professionals at ReedTech have provided their geophysical expertise to us on many different projects for the last two decades.  They have consistently been very responsive, professional, and dependable.  Their geophysical expertise has added a more detailed understanding of subsurface characteristics & conditions at our project sites, saving us time and money.  I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.”

-Andy Wilson, P.G.
ARM Environmental

"We have been working with Reed Tech for the last several years. Utilizing their services for commercial and manufacturing projects primarily in cases where there are no asbuilts available for an existing facility.

Reed Tech has been exceptional with their response and the accuracy of the information provided."

-Dan Smith
President and Chief Executive Officer
Smith Constructors & Engineers, Inc.


"We have been using ReedTech’s services for many years now. Duke and his team have been able to fit us in on short notice countless times allowing us to meet our demanding project timelines. I must mention that the accuracy/quality of the services they provide far exceed similar providers in my experience. I had a project that required excavation in an area with almost every utility possible, to no surprise the work performed by the ReedTech team was professional and accurate. Without this quality and accuracy I associate with ReedTech my project would have been a nightmare. I have full confidence in Duke’s team and recommend them without any hesitancy!"

-Ryan Nowell
Trane Technologies

“Duke and his team were wonderful to work with. Responsive to my needs, willing to explain the process, and great positive attitudes the entire time. Set up was quick and they worked steadily through the heat until our goal was achieved. I would highly recommend Reed Tech for their effectiveness and strong work ethic, but their pricing being more than fair is another great reason to trust them with your business.”

-Karmin M.
Charleston, SC